Sunday 21 October
04:45h - Leave The College (SL6 6AW)
08:15h - Ferry sails from Portsmouth
15:15h - Ferry lands in Caen
17:00h (approx.) - Arrive at Château de la Baudonnière
20:00h - Sports evening

Monday 22 to Thursday 25 October
4 days spent within the Château's grounds doing a variety of activities - fencing, 
climbing, archery, an assault course, teamworking games, aeroball, circus skills, 
a treasure hunt, a quiz, a camp fire, a talent show and, of course, French lessons
(although, there is an element of a French lesson at the beginning of every activity
and each evening, as the pupils fill in their journals, as well as specific times set 
aside for them!)

Friday 26 October
Morning - Visit to the market town of Vire
Afternoon - Visit to the Bayeux Tapestry

Saturday 27 October
05:00h - Leave the Château
08:15h - Ferry sails from Caen
13:15h - Ferry lands in Portsmouth
15:30h (approx.) - Arrive at The College (SL6 6AW)

(Please note: all times are local, whether British Summer Time or Central European Time)